Ceilidhs are a great way to get people together for almost any occasion.

Weddings, Corporate events, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers and School PTA events all lend themselves to the boundless fun that a ceilidh provides.

Any time you want to bring people together for a social evening with a massive feel good factor and lots of energy, then ceilidhs fit the bill perfectly. They are particularly good for Singles events and Town–Twinnings too.

Providing a natural way for folks to mix and socialise without being awkward and a shared experience of whirling across the dance floor (not necessarily in the right direction), they seem to bring out the best in us.

It really doesn’t matter if you get all the moves right as long as you have fun. The caller will always let you know the next steps and normally someone will give you a gentle shove in the right direction if you go too far astray.

Barn Dance in Brighton

The Caller

The ceilidh caller is the person who teaches you the dance steps before the music starts and then ‘calls’ or reminds you of the moves as you go.

They walk you through each dance, provide encouragement as you go and try to pitch the dances at the right level according to the experience of the revellers who arrive on the night.