Love it, or loathe it, the question of  ‘the first dance’ will come up at some point. What should you do? What’s expected? Do you have to have one? 

The truth is, everyone should do what they feel comfortable with and what will work for them. It’s your day after all, so you should get to choose how it goes. Whether you’d like a ceilidh, a disco or both, here are some pointers which we hope will help you decide what you’d like to do.

  • Choose a song which means a lot to you as a couple. Seems obvious we know, but it doesn’t have to be a classic wedding first dance tune. If a song has special memories then you’re much more likely to relax and enjoy the moment rather than dread it.

  • Make sure you’re clear with your DJ about which version of the song you’d like and have it prepared in advance. There are so many remixes and covers that if not properly planned, it would be easy to get something a bit unexpected.

  • Practice in your shoes! This can make all the difference in the world …and it’s a great opportunity for you to spend some fun time together in the hectic run up to the wedding.

  • If you’re opting for a ceilidh, why not consider a ceilidh dance as a first dance? As an example, The Gay Gordons works well and looks elegant with just the two of you dancing. It also lets your dress twirl out beautifully as you turn.

  • If you’re not feeling so confident, there are ceilidh dances where all your guests can be involved right from the beginning, just leaving a little solo part for the two of you to take centre stage. This is also a great way to get all your guests on to the floor for the first time.

  • Have fun! This is about celebrating your relationship, not about your ‘Strictly’ credentials. Ultimately, your friends and family will be delighted with whatever you do and will clap and cheer you on.