31 December, 2018 8:30 pm - 1 January, 2019 12:30 am One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton, BN1 4AA

New Year’s Eve Ceilidh 2018/19

An extra special RANT to see in the New Year with gusto. Doors open 8.30pm. Ceilidh is 9pm – 12.30am interspersed with nonsense and as much fun and celebratory high-jinx as we can muster!
There will be ale, there will be a bar, there will be new friends to dance with, old friends to laugh with and lots to love for the things that connect us and make us human…especially falling over our own feet!
If you’ve been to one of our Rant Ceilidhs in the past, you’ll know just how much fun it’s possible to have while galloping across the floor with strangers. High energy, ridiculously awesome and usually ending with everyone out of breath and laughing.
We’ll have fabulous music from the talented musicians of The Brighton Ceilidh Collective for dancing, plenty of whizz bangs and sparkles for midnight and a well stocked bar to help the festivities along. Lou will be hosting and calling the dances – she insists and won’t let anyone else near the mike! What can you do? 😉
Surely there’s no better way to see in the New Year than this.
Please don’t try to bring any alcohol into the venue with you as unfortunately we have to confiscate it if you do, due to terms of our licence. There’s plenty inside 🙂
There is a strict guest limit on this event due to licensing, so if you’re planning to join us, please book quickly.
Age 18+


One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton, BN1 4AA

Doors open 7.45pm

Ceilidh 8pm – 11pm